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Fire Emblem drabble challenge community

All your drabbles are belong to us

Fire Emblem drabble challenge
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Fire Emblem drabble challenge community
This is a drabble community for the Intelligent System games of the Fire Emblem series. We have a weekly challenge system, but we'll be happy to accept non-challenge entries, so long as they are clearly marked as such.

We're looking for banner-makers, if you're interested please drop us a line!

Posting rules:

1. The maximum length for a drabble is 500 words. There is no minimum length. Here is a site that will count your words.

2. The format of your entry should be as follows:

Challenge: challenge number – theme of the challenge
Word Count:

You can of course add more details if you'd like, but the first four lines of your post should be this.

3. Post your drabble in the community, not through a lj-cut back to your journal.

That's because if your journal gets deleted, the comm's watchers would hate to lose your drabbles. So, no link to your journal for your drabble.

You may, however, post a link to your journal asking for reviews to be left there, as long as you're aware that any further step between the reader and the 'leave a comment' button can act as a deterrent. Just make sure you have posted the same drabble on your journal and the comm.

4. Things you have to warn for: spoilers, R/NC-17, onscreen non-con (even if non-graphic).

You do not need to warn for yaoi/yuri/incest. You do not need to warn for dark themes. You do not need to warn for implications.

Please be responsible with warning for spoilers. We're a fandom that has eleven installments of canon, most of which unrelated. Keep in mind that not everyone knows what seems common knowledge to you. For this fandom, there's no such thing as 'the game has been out for long enough that we don't need to warn for spoilers anymore'. Not everyone goes into FE through Blazing Sword or Radiant Dawn.

5. Themes shouldn't be specific to a verse. For instance, you can't ask for 'the Scouring', but you can ask for 'ancient heroes'. Obviously, more general themes such as 'betrayal', 'not enough', 'what should have been' fit as well!

6. The challenge cannot answer their own challenge; if you're the challenger and would like to post anyway, you can post your drabble as a non-challenge entry, thought please wait until the deadline is close so as to avoid influencing the other participants.

7. Please be polite. That includes no flaming, no jumping at anyone's throat, and no bashing, including in comments.

8. The deadline limit for posting is Day, 12:00 GMT.

If you see the deadline is over but I haven't made the voting post yet, you can still post your entry as part of the challenge.


1. Voting runs for two days. The deadline time for voting is 12:00 GMT.

If you see the deadline is over but I haven't posted the result yet, you can still vote.

To vote, you need to comment on the voting post with the numbers of the drabbles you're voting for. Comments will be screened, so that means you won't be able to see what everyone else voted.

2. You can vote for one to three drabbles. Your first choice gets three points, the second two points, and the last one point, so please remember to put them in order! If you only vote for one drabble, the drabble will count as your first choice and will thus get three points.

3. If you're the challenger, the points you award will be doubled; your first choice will receive six points, your second choice four, and your third choice will get two.

4. You may vote for yourself. Unless you think your drabble is that good, please don't.

5. The winner of the week will choose the next challenge.