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[FE10] The Near-Death Expirience

Challenge: 21 - "In encircled ground, devise stratagems."
Title: The Near-Death Experience
Word Count: 656
Game: FE10
Notes: Okay, this is 156 words over the limit, but I would hate shaving it down any further and I certainly don't expect this to count as a contending entry! But it was made for the prompt (though doesn't follow it extremely closely) so up it goes! As for the content - this was seriously a near 100% true story that happened to someone I know. Good stuff. There's some mild description of narcotics, but otherwise, pretty gen humor.

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Challenge 21

"In encircled ground, devise stratagems."

A quote from Sun Tzu's The Art of War, chapter eleven: The Nine Varieties of Ground. Encircled ground indicates an area one's army can't leave without difficulty - also prime ground for an ambush by enemy forces.

Sanaki and her forces might risk utter defeat traversing Daein soil on the way to their destination; perhaps Aimee is an inch away from cornering Ike into a deal he can't get out of without embarrassing himself. Eirika might have made a few too many promises to the people of Renais - all in good faith, of course. Maybe Boyd got himself into trouble romancing Mist on Gatrie's advice (can his strategy get any worse?), and he's about to shoot himself in the foot.

Or-- you could just write about a strategist. The possibilities are endless. :D

This challenge runs until June 5, 12:00 GMT - a Friday.

[fe8] consistency

Challenge: 20, Passions
Title: Consistency
Word Count: 490
Game: Seima no Kouseki (Sacred Stones)
Warnings: Slight spoilery for some of Marisa's supports, but not much. Also, kind of leaning to one pairing in particular for her.

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Challenge 20


We all have them. It's the thing that drives us to be better, do better, go further. It can a passion for your country, leader, lover, Oscar's meals, or whatever else. Wars are fought for them. People are driven insane because of them. Passions. They're so strong you can barely control them.

This challenge runs until May 20, 12:00 GMT, a Wednesday.

Good luck to everyone on the challenge and their finals! :D