Starlitlady (starlitlady) wrote in fe_drabble,

[FE7] Learning Experience

Challenge: 22 - Mistake
Title: Learning Experience
Word Count: 500
Game: FE7
Warnings: None really :3

He swiped at his nose, a lock of lavender hair tickling him. Heath opened his eyes slowly, sleep still willing them closed. He stretched his legs, pointing his feet to extend the muscles. An ache in his lower back made him roll over.


The wall he hit was soft and warm. There was a light thump, thump, thawump against his arm. The wall exhaled a light breath on his neck.

Wait. Heath reopened his eyes. Walls do not breathe. Men do. Shirtless men with waist length hair and smooth hands breathe. They also drool a smidgen.

“Don’t panic Heath, there’s a perfectly logical reason why Legault is in your bed,” he thought. Legault’s fingers curled into the sheet on the bed.

Bed. That’s right. Eliwood’s band stopped in Ostia. Legualt let out a snore, and Heath’s thoughts returned to him. “Why is he in my bed?” The night before was fuzzy. His hair was everywhere and Heath stroked it out of Legault’s face. His features were almost beautiful when he slept. He couldn’t picture his face with the scar on his right cheek. His finger tips traced over the raised skin. Smooth. Just like the rest of him.

“If you keep petting me, people might think I’m a dog.” Heath pulled his hand back, and the thief opened his light purple eyes. He stretched upward and wrapped an arm around Heath’s bare stomach.

“Why are you in my bed?”

“Is that anyway to talk to your lover, Heath?” That damn smirk reappeared then faded with a yawn. “I didn’t expect you to wake till the sun was higher in the sky. You drank like a fish, my friend.”

“Knock it off Legault, why are you in my bed?” Legault trailed his hands in circles around Heath’s belly button. He squirmed against the touch.

“Ticklish? That’s actually rather cute.” Heath pushed his hands away, scratching the area he touched. “I’m hurt, was I that forgettable?” Legault raked his fingers through his hair, combing through the knots. Images floated in and out of Heath’s mind. Legault taking his boots off. Legault removing his bandana. And Heath’s shirt. And his pants and--

Oh. Oh. N-n-no. He wouldn’t.

“That’s not a happy face.” Heath’s lip curled. He wouldn’t possibly… not… not with Legault.

“This is a joke right?” Legault sat up and rested his head on Heath’s shoulder. More images hit him. The heat rose to his cheeks. Heath mustered the evilest glare he could at Legault.

“Hey, don’t look at me. You’re the one who dragged me to your room.”

Heath closed his eyes tightly and them opened them again. Still real.

“Wh-whatever happened last night was just a mistake. A very, very--” Legault grabbed his chin and pulled him in for a light smooch. He pulled Heath down, wrapping his arms around his back. Heath breathed in the scent of Legault’s skin and smiled.

W-well maybe not. Maybe. This was more of uh, a learning experience. Yes.

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