Runespoor (runespoor7) wrote in fe_drabble,

Challenge 21 - VOTING


1. You have until June 8th, 12:00 GMT to vote.

2. You can vote for one to three drabbles.

Your first choice gets 3 points, the second 2 points, and the third 1 point, so please remember to put them in order. If you only vote for one drabble, the drabble will count as your first choice and will thus get three points.

The challenger's vote gives twice as many points, so the first choice gets 6 points, the second 4 points, and the third 2 points. This week's challenger is myaru.

You're allowed to vote for yourself. Unless you think your drabble really is that good, please don't.

Comment on this entry to vote. Please write only the drabble's NUMBER when you're voting. For instance: 03, 05, 02.

Comments are screened. If you see I've made any mistake, please tell me.

01. searains's The Near-Death Experience

02. lingers's Reassurance

03. ergoipsofacto's Luck
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