went through Hades with my hat off (ergoipsofacto) wrote in fe_drabble,
went through Hades with my hat off

[FE8] Luck

Challenge: 21 - "In encircled ground, devise stratagems."
Title: Luck
Word count: 352
Game: Sacred Stones

The people you meet in this life aren’t the most polished, but they put their money where their mouths are – and vice versa, sometimes, though the old hands can tell a counterfeit by the sound it makes when it hits the ground. They expect you to lie – people always have, given the life you were born to – but they aren’t resigned to it; they aren’t afraid of you; they won’t hesitate to relieve you of a few teeth once they find you out. They never find you out, though, at least not before you’re gone. There’s no bad situation you can’t get out of, one way or another. There’s no one here talking you into a corner saying smother your conscience or relations with Grado will be strained for years and we wouldn’t want Her Majesty to have to devote the time to repairing them –

No, that will never happen to you again. You left that night without a word to anyone. You’ll go back someday, once you know everything you have to know – it’s not a coincidence you’re working for Grado now – and you won’t let anyone trap you again. They’ll call you the Tempest King. But not yet.

Not yet, because now you’re looking at a beautiful woman in cleric’s robes, and you’re supposed to kill her. You don’t think you will, thanks all the same. Things could go very badly for you if you don’t, but you just smile with your white, straight, rich-man teeth – and would you look at that, she’s the one approaching you, looking like she’s got something important to say. How lucky for you. This is your ticket out of here.

You state your case. The sister calls tails. Tails it is – fancy that. It isn’t as though you tell her you cheated as soon as the deed’s done, and she goes ahead and thanks heaven anyway. You have nothing against heaven, but.

Soon you’ll know the truth, and you’ll be back in Jehanna, making things right. Not now, but soon. And you’ll be sure to have a trick coin on hand when you do.
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