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theme: mistake // "blindsided"

first time posting here, i hope is okay =)

Challenge: 22 – mistake
Title: "blindsided"
Word Count: 190
Game: Rekka no Ken

( She can take down a horde of Generals and Paladins and you-name-it alone... )

please, please, if you leave a comment, leave it at my journal =)

[FE11 - drabble 22] Today They Remember

Today They Remember
Amber Michelle
Challenge: 22 – mistake
Word Count: 620
Game: Shadow Dragon

Warnings: spoilers for the end.

Also, not quite for the challenge, but inspired by it. Cross-posted at runiclore.

I would have the blessing of the court instead, Maria, though you would make a lovely queen.Collapse )

[FE7] Learning Experience

Challenge: 22 - Mistake
Title: Learning Experience
Word Count: 500
Game: FE7
Warnings: None really :3

Learning ExperienceCollapse )

Challenge 22 - EXTENSION

There's only been one entry to the current challenge, so the deadline is puched back one week.

The theme of the challenge is mistake.

The extension will end on Friday, 3rd July.

[FE10 - drabble 22] Forgiveness

Amber Michelle
Challenge: 22 – mistake
Word Count: 500
Game: Radiant Dawn

Warnings: spoilers to the end of chapter 2.

It was a lesson, she told Ike - one she would never forget.Collapse )

Challenge 22


Whether it ends up a learning experience or an all-out catastrophe, it's a fair bet everyone's going to make at least one mistake in a lifetime. It could be an ill-advised liaison with the general's little sister, or a misplaced word in an audience with the nobles, or your brilliant stratagem could have cost someone an arm. Or maybe you were so foolish as to lend one of your favorite books to Bartre - in which case, heaven help you. All we can be sure of is that damn, you screwed up.

This challenge runs until Thursday, June 25, 12:00 GMT.

Challenge 21 - WINNER

The winner for this round is ergoipsofacto with Luck. Congrats!

The next challenge will run for two weeks.

The banner-maker for this round is lucathia_rykatu.

Challenge 21 - VOTING


1. You have until June 8th, 12:00 GMT to vote.

2. You can vote for one to three drabbles.

VOTINGCollapse )

[FE8] Luck

Challenge: 21 - "In encircled ground, devise stratagems."
Title: Luck
Word count: 352
Game: Sacred Stones

Tails it is - fancy that.Collapse )

[fe8] reassurance

Challenge: 21, "In encircled ground, devise stratagems."
Title: Reassurance
Word Count: 498
Game: Seima no Kouseki (Sacred Stones)
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't reached 5x.

What are we going to do if you give up? Wander round aimlessly in the woods?Collapse )